Cracked hand

sâmbătă, 3 iulie 2010

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Maya lighting

And Zbrush here


marți, 13 aprilie 2010

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I recently found this plane. I made it 2 years ago.
I made two textures of 1024 px each.

with details like this:

and normal map made via bake:

with details like this

I remember it should not have more than 4000 polys. Here's the result

Pygmalion issue

vineri, 11 decembrie 2009

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I found some time to turn this statue model into a human head. As I mentioned in one of previous entries, there were no budget of polygons or texture so I decided to save the smoothness of UVW-s instead of optimize it on the texture surface for a better covering.

Except for the stone detailes normal map is basically the same used for statue.

Anyway, I optimized a little bit the low poly geometry.

and here it is:

C statue advanced

miercuri, 23 septembrie 2009

I decided to go further on this model and to create a normal map. First of all I had to clean up geometry and UVW a little bit.

Then I made some details in zbrush.

And the result:

But I'm thinking of making making it human and put some skin on it.

C statue

marți, 5 mai 2009

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At this statue I am working right now. We do not have budget of polygons or texture (the objects are not going to be sent into a game) so there is no specific problems. There are few requierements regarding the quality and crearness of textures. Actually there is no any detailled needed. Anyway I decided to make it as it would.


luni, 4 mai 2009

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This object was entirely modeled and textured by me. I made a high poly object and a bake with it for normal map. That is why it is easy to take this as high polly object; but at a closer look at the profile one could see that it is actualy a low poly.

Latin baroque building

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The special thing about this building is the system of tiling wall texture. I remember that the requirements for that particular building were that:

  1. all the brown gap should be kept as they were in concept art;

  2. not be modeled but made only by texture; everything should be made with the fewest and the smallest possible textures.

I had a wall of about 10, 70 meters and with the technique of advanced tiling I managed to cover it with only 8 meters (1024 pixels) and keeep the rule of 128 texture pixels /1 meter of geometry.

So instead of having 5 textures for this building I reduced them to 4.
1. this-the wall texture (1024/1024),

2. the building parts texture (1024/1024),
3. here is the third roof paviment (512/512),

4. and the alpha one (256/256),

Of corse, with normal and specular map: